REVIEW — X-Men: Days of Future Past


This is the XMEN movie that we have waited for since X2. Wiped away is the taint that was XMEN Last Stand. Instead we get a much more emotional tale of superior quality that sees two great ensemble casts work together as one. What makes X-Men DOFP so good is the duality of timelines that are created the by the Days of Future Past story from the comics written originally by Chris Claremont. Now I am sure the really finicky internet forum fanboys will have their superhero underoos in a bind because of the changes to the source material. Their loss. The rest of us will be delighted watching Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine claw his way through 1973. We will get nerd sweats watching McAvoy and Fassbender portray the iconic Xavier and Magneto again. These two scene stealers are dynamite, particularly in scenes they share.  You will awe at the epic scale of the action, because Bryan Singer composes carefully thought out battles that are brought to life with some awesome special effects.  Again the two different timelines allowed for a larger ensemble that felt none to crowded and no mutant felt unnecessary which is criticism I had about past X-Men properties like Origins:Wolverine and X3. One mutant in particular, however, will stand out: Quicksilver. This film is a MARVELous return to it’s once former glory if not the best X-Movie yet, XMEN DOFP is a great summer movie and it is easy to say that I will be watching this one again and again in the Days of my Future Past. 9.1/10


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