Nintendo Game Boy Turns 25 Today…Whoa…I’m Old.


Yes, 25 years ago we saw the true beginning of mobile gaming come to life. All at once people around the world were introduced to a little puzzle game called Tetris and the world has never been the same.

I remember quite vividly the day I got my first Game Boy. It was my 9th birthday. I was never the same. I do not think at the time my parents may have fully realized what they had done. Being able to take my love of Nintendo any where I want seemed light years ahead of its time. Car trips were awesome because I was at full liberty to play and play…until my 4 AA batteries burned out. 

Fast forward 25 years and now we have mobile gaming coming out of our ears. Think about it for a moment. If it is a device that has screen and is portable odds are it plays a game on it in one form or another. Even the old Nokia call phones had Snake on them!

How about you? What was your earliest mobile gaming memory?