Robocop Reviewed

The new Robocop is very much it’s own movie that at times felt drastically different from the original yet payed remarkable homage to its source material. It ignites on a much more emotional cylinder and it’s cool to see what Robocop would be like as envisioned by the actual 21st century of today and not the 80s vision when dial-up modems were cutting edge. It set out to be a reimagined version of the original and it was exactly that. The veteran actors in it are fantastic. Samuel L Jackson always delight and it’s great to Michael Keaton working again. The guy who played Alex Murphy himself was all well and good but clear upstaged by the rest of the ensemble and outshined by suit itself. While Robocop won’t be walking the red carpet at the Oscars for any awards it will certainly satisfy your craving for a good, knowingly mindless, action sci-fi romp. And isn’t that what we truly want most of the time anyways?